DAVE Leyland

Dave is co-owner of COAST and has been a practicing Physiotherapist for 5 years in North Vancouver. Dave has worked with desk workers to professional athletes and loves teaching clients to understand their bodies and why things might be occurring. He helps them move easier, perform better and be more resilient to injury, whether that be in daily life or competitive sport.  

Dave believes that the most important tool when it comes to rehab is movement and he uses an extensive array of manual therapy techniques, exercise and Functional Dry Needling (IMS) to help reduce pain and maximize mobility. This is Rehab!

Richard Johnson.JPG

richard JOHnson


Richard completed his Master of Physical Therapy following a Bachelor of Kinesiology at the
University of British Columbia. His physiotherapy approach combines movement-based
rehabilitation, manual therapy techniques and individualized exercise programs. Richard strives
to build his clients’ confidence and optimism by providing evidence-based education and
fostering self-sufficiency. He currently holds a certification in Functional Dry Needling/IMS and
Level 1 Manual Therapy.

Richard has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds with added experience treating
active youth and adults. He has worked with high school basketball teams, fitness studios the
Capilano Rugby Football Club and the Vancouver Whitecaps Residency Program.
Born and raised in North Vancouver, Richard leads an active lifestyle with an appreciation for
the surrounding wilderness. He enjoys mountain biking, going to the beach, and hiking the
Pacific Coast mountains. His other interests include working on his car, watching sports, playing
basketball and exercising at the gym.
Richard looks forward to helping his clients achieve their physiotherapy goals so they can
successfully return to the activities that they love!

Lesley Brennan.JPG

LEsley Brennan

Excellence, experience and enthusiasm define Lesley's practice. A graduate from the University of Western Ontario in London Ontario, Lesley has always been fascinated with how the human body functions. "No two bodies are the same!" 

Lesley is passionate about providing the best possible care for your condition.  Her approach is very hands on, with a lot of manual therapy, some functional dry needling (IMS), exercises, education on your condition and proper movement patterns.  She will provide you with the tools you need to understand and benefit fully from your treatment. She also treats BPPV / Vestibular Rehabilitation.

With over twenty years of clinical experience as a physiotherapist, Lesley has worked with a wide variety of patients, including Olympic, university, high school athletes, work related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and 'wear and tear' orthopedic problems. Her goal is to devise treatment plans tailored to your precise symptoms and history. These plans will include some 'homework' to implement and assist in your recovery.

When not in the clinic, Lesley's 3 children keep her and her husband busy with all their activities. A lifelong athlete, she also enjoys running in the trails with her dog, playing hockey, skiing, biking, hiking or playing soccer with the family to name a few of the many activities.

Wilfred-Ly .JPG

wilfred ly

Wilfred achieved his Doctor of Physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne following a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia. He believes in educating and providing his clients with the tools necessary to facilitate a speedy recovery as well as prevent future injuries. He's worked in several clinical settings, including acute neurology (adult and pediatric), in and out patient orthopedics, cardiorespiratory, intensive care unit, emergency, in-patient rehabilitation and has a keen interested in musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, especially post-surgical clients.

Prior to working as a physiotherapist, Wilfred worked as a kinesiologist at several clinics and held a Head Coach position at a local competitive swim club.

Clayton Cross.JPG

CLayton cross

Clayton Cross is a Certified Athletic Therapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Co-Owner of COAST.  

Clayton grew up in Winnipeg playing multiple sports at the high school, university and club level. His love for sport and movement continued into his post secondary education at the University of Winnipeg where he enrolled in the Athletic Therapy program.

After graduating with his Kinesiology and Applied Health degree and successfully completing the Canadian Athletic Therapist Certification process in 2008, Clayton became the Fitness Coordinator for the Vancouver Police Department.  

Since moving on from the VPD, Clayton has worked in the North Vancouver and downtown area treating a wide range of clients from the everyday person to Olympic and professional level athletes.  

Clayton’s passion of rehabilitation and performance training has fueled his pursuit of continuing education.  He has attended multiple courses and seminars such as Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and Muscle Energy Technique to expand his skill set to bring the best care to the people he works with.  He has written articles for local and national magazines on injury prevention topics and has spoken at national and local conferences.

Clayton strongly believes in finding the root cause of any injury. Treatments are based off of an in-depth assessment that takes the whole body into consideration.  The focus is always on addressing a patient’s needs through a continuum ranging from manual therapy to exercise and movement-based therapy and reconditioning.  This often involves the treatment and reintegration of the core, hip and shoulder complex to get people out of pain back to full function.

Overall, Clayton’s goal and his goal for COAST is to have a client leave in a better state than before they got injured.

When he’s not working Clayton likes spending time with loved ones, traveling, training and playing, volleyball, basketball and tennis.

Morgan Sangster.png

morgan Sangster

Morgan Sangster is a Certified Athletic Therapist who has been practicing for over 5 years. She has treated a diverse mix of clients ranging from desk workers, post car accident clientele to professional athletes. Her most recent endeavour was working as the head Athletic Therapist for the Canadian Women’s Volleyball Team travelling worldwide for the 2017 season.

Morgan uses a customized treatment approach that focuses on optimizing movement patterns to treat injuries and maximize function. She has a keen interest in lower body (low back, hip and ankle) as well as concussion and neck related issues. She uses manual therapy, Myofasical release techniques and corrective exercise programs to restore joint mobility, improve body awareness, strength and flexibility and most importantly, to prevent re-injury.

Taylor Phillips.JPG

taylor Phillips

Taylor became a Certified Athletic Therapist (CAT(C)) with the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association in 2016. She completed her Bachelor of Human Kinetics in 2014 from The University of British Columbia Okanagan. In 2016, Taylor graduated from Mount Royal University with Presidents Honours in the Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy Program.

Taylor has experience working with youth and varsity level athletes predominantly in contact sports such as basketball, football, rugby and soccer. In 2016, she worked with the University of Calgary Men’s Basketball team as they went on to compete in the CIS Championship finals.

Prior to joining COAST, Taylor worked at Simon Fraser University in the Sports Medicine clinic assessing, treating and rehabilitating varsity athletes. She enjoys using a combination of treatment styles in her full body approach to rehabilitation including soft tissue and exercise therapy techniques.

Taylor also sits on the Board of Directors for the Athletic Therapists Association of British Columbia (ATABC) and is currently pursuing her Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist designation through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CSCS).

Born and raised in North Vancouver, Taylor loves the outdoors and has a strong passion for sport.  She grew up an avid athlete, playing high level basketball and soccer and has been a player in the North Shore Soccer Association for over 15 years.

Taylor wants to assist clients in correcting any dysfunctions that may be hindering performance and get them back to the sports, activities and life they love, pain and injury free.

Christine Col.JPG

    Dr. Christine Col

Dr. Christine Col moved from Ontario to North Vancouver in January 2017, after graduating from New York Chiropractic College in December 2016. She has had a passion for athletics and sports since she was young, and her long and ambitious sports career led her to obtain her Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree. With experience as a varsity volleyball athletic trainer and volunteering at multiple Crossfit competitions and sporting events, Dr. Col’s aim is to help anyone who wants to take their health and performance to the next level.

Along with being RockTape certified, Dr. Col uses diversified technique to adjust the spine and extremities, manual soft tissue treatment and rehabilitation exercises to help patients recover from injuries and maintain optimal wellness and performance. When she's not working, Dr. Col spends her time training competitively in weightlifting, hitting the slopes and hiking around this beautiful province.

Jorg Patzer.JPG

jorg patzer

Jorg brings an extensive career as an RMT working with a diverse client base focused on athletes. You will experience a treatment that includes traditional massage techniques as well as focused exercises and stretching. Jorg has also completed a TMJ Mastery course and has worked extensively with Temporomandibular Joint Disorders. 




Nick Kew.JPG

nick kew

Nick is a Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer (with the NSCA) with an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from Queens University. Born and raised in North Vancouver, Nick has worked in a variety of capacities including clinical rehabilitation, sports performance, as well as general health and fitness. Nick’s personal background includes over 10 years of competitive ice hockey experience and over 5 years of experience in combative sports and martial arts. He enjoys drawing from his experiences as an athlete, student, trainer, and teacher to provide every client with the therapeutic treatment necessary to efficiently reach their goals. His approach to massage therapy focuses on locating the causative factors of any problems, and addressing those factors through manual treatment and targeted exercises as a part of an effective rehabilitation or injury prevention plan.

Glenn Tagulao.JPG



Glenn is a Strength and Conditioning coach who was born and raised in based in Vancouver, BC. He attended the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, earning a degree in Sport and Exercise Science consisting of extensive coursework in functional anatomy, biomechanics, and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Glenn has had experience in the USA as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Louisiana State University (LSU) and in Florida with Cris Carter’s FAST program where he trained numerous athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, AVP and US Olympic Team. Upon returning to Vancouver he began to work with numerous Canadian National Teams (Wrestling, Snowboarding, Sailing and Taekwondo). Glenn was also the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of British Columbia Rugby program from 2011-2014.

Recently, Glenn has completed his Acupuncture diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Glenn holds certifications in Olympic Weightlifting AUSW (Australia), NSCA-CSCS (USA) and NASM-CES (USA) DNS Sport and DNS A (CZ).

When he is not helping his clients achieve their goals, Glenn is actively working on his own as an avid Boxer and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Practitioner.

Terry Donaldson.JPG

terry Donaldson

Terry is a BCAK Registered Kinesiologist who earned his Kinesiology degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2008. Since earning his degree he has been practicing as a Kinesiologist, specializing in the areas of active rehabilitation, strength and conditioning as well as weight loss and lifestyle management. In his free time, he is an avid outdoor sports enthusiast, who loves spending time with family and friends.



Jessie is a BCAK Registered Kinesiologist specializing in fitness and active rehabilitation for chronic injuries, imbalances and postural issues. She is passionate about improving fitness without sacrificing quality of movement.

Jessie earned her Bachelor of Kinesiology degree from the University of British Columbia and has since performed active rehab and training with a wide variety of clientele ranging from youth athletes, weekend warriors, ICBC clients, chronic diseases, joint and soft tissue injuries, and seniors.

As a retired varsity athlete, Jessie loves sports and staying active. In her spare time, she can be found playing soccer and softball, or in the mountains snowboarding, biking, or hiking.