At COAST, we believe it is important to educate our clients about the various treatment options available to them. By offering a variety of therapies and a collaborative work environment, we are able to help our patients get stronger and more resilient, so they can get back to what they love doing faster.

What Is Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapists specialize in injury assessment, rehabilitation and full return to activity.  

They combine manual therapy with other treatment techniques such as exercise and movement-based rehab and traditional therapies such as ultrasound and muscle stimulation.

One reason you may not be familiar with the profession of Athletic Therapy is because it is a relatively new compared to Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic. Since the it’s inception the late 60’s, the profession has evolved from on-field and training room care to clinical, classroom and athletic facilities.

What To Expect

Often Athletic Therapists will spend upwards of an hour with a patient. Depending on the injury, a portion of the appointment will be spent doing hands on work to reduce orthopaedic dysfunctions followed by corrective exercises to reinforce the work on the table.

The goal is to fully rehabilitate the injury by restoring movement, rebuilding strength and retraining muscles and movement patterns to function properly.   

Who Should Use An Athletic Therapist

Everyone! Athletic Therapists are not just for athletes. They can assist a wide range of patients including individuals recovering from surgery or chronic illnesses to the more common, everyday injuries. As with other sports medicine therapists, Athletic Therapists help their patients return to what they love doing whether it is walking their dog, skiing with the kids or running a marathon.

The COAST Athletic Therapy Team

Our Athletic Therapist have a wide range of experiences and expertise to help you be pain free.

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