Coast Performance Rehab is proud to be one of the few clinics in Canada to offer the use of the AlterG® treadmill to its clients. The AlterG® uses exclusive, NASA-patented Differential Air Pressure to create a powerful rehabilitation tool. This means that patients have the ability to walk, run or perform exercises with minimal impact and reduced gravitational force.

At COAST, we want to help you perform at your best this race season. Whether you are struggling with injuries or looking to train harder, the AlterG® can benefit all runners.

Benefits of the AlterG® Treadmill for Runners

  • Train harder with without the wear-and-tear of full body weight running

  • Return to your training from an injury faster

  • Reduced recovery time due to low impact training.

Are you looking to become injury-proof this season? Check out our COAST classes!

AlterG® Resilience Training Package

The Resilience Training Package will augment any run program by identifying movement impairments and strengthening dysfunctions that can increase risk of injury.  An assessment driven, exercise program will address muscular deficiencies, while gradually building intensity to prevent re-injury. The AlterG® Treadmill sessions will help you maintain your mileage without the wear and tear of the pavement.

What's Included:

  • Run specific movement screen

  • Corrective exercise program based off the finding of the screen

  • 3 X 30 minute AlterG® run sessions

Our performance and rehabilitation team will run you through the process and help injury-proof your body, so you cross the finish line pain free.  

The AlterG® gives you the upper hand in your rehab and training. Recover quicker, get stronger and become more resilient athlete.

To book your Resilience Training Package, call 604-558-6969 or email us at