Coast Performance Rehab is excited to offer two revolutionary group training classes that focus on functional reconditioning - Coast Mobility and Coast Durability!

Based on principles of conditioning and rehabilitation, our group classes are designed to build strength and function from the inside out. Our goal is to keep you active and injury free.

Anyone can benefit from our classes, whether you are a recreational runner, a weekend warrior or just want to maintain an active lifestyle.

Unlike most conventional group classes, COAST classes will be taught by professionals in the rehab and reconditioning industry. Our instructors are Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists, Chiropractors and Kinesiologists.

Coast Mobility

Coast Mobility aims at reducing injuries through a unique blend of active range of motion exercises, joint mobilizations, and trigger point release techniques. These specialized exercises will help improve function and reduce pain to keep you doing what you love.

Coast Durability

Coast Durability will help improve strength to build a better and more resilient body from the inside out. The class will get you sweating while focusing on in-depth core, hip and shoulder reconditioning. These exercises will create a baseline of functional movement and strength.

Coast’s boutique-style classes can accommodate up to 6 people, allowing for maximum instructor attention and personalized feel all while being in a group setting.

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To register, contact our front desk at 604-558-6960.