We are very excited to offer Clinical Rehab Pilates as one of our treatment options at our COAST Kitsilano clinic with Physiotherapist Quita Harman. This is a great option for anyone rehabilitating an injury or looking to focus on overall strength and fitness.

Clinical Pilates is a treatment tool that combines Pilates exercise method and physiotherapy to create a safe and effective rehabilitation treatment.⠀

In Pilates, the core is the base from which a lot of treatment begins. Often by addressing dysfunctions related to the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex, a lot of functional issues can be corrected. The lumbo-pelvic-hip complex stabilizes the spine and pelvis. Pilates exercises that focus on this region will help you learn the correct positioning of your pelvis, how to maintain it in both static and dynamic positions, and how to use your transverse abdominus.

Here is a series of exercises performed on the reformer that will help improve lumbo-pelvic-hip stabilization.

Bend And Stretch

  • Laying on your back with feet in the straps.

  • With knees bent at 90 degrees, begin to bend and stretch the legs on a diagonal.

  • Focus on keeping the lower back from arching and engaging the core as you press out.


External Rotation Bend And Stretch

  • Follow the same movement pattern as the bend and stretch, but with knee rotated outwards and your heels touching.


Lift And Lower Parallel with Ball

  • Place a ball between your heels.

  • Raise your feet above your hips and slowly begin to lower your legs as far as you can without losing core engagement.

  • Then slowly bring your legs back up to starting position.


Need another reason to try Clinical Rehab Pilates? It is covered by most insurance providers.

To book a Clinical Rehab Pilates appointment with Quita Harman, click here or call 604-423-3160.