Maintaining mobility in your hip flexors not only helps with overall body functionality, but can also help to relieve back pain, especially related to sitting for long periods of time. 

The Hip Flexor stretch progression series, demonstrated by COAST RMT and Stretch Therapist Matt Farrell, allows you to gradually increase the flexibility in your hip flexor thereby creating space to improve mobility and performance.

Looking to strengthen your hip flexors? Check out these exercises!

 Hip Flexor Stretch


In order to get the most out of this stretch, make sure you have a neutral spine and pelvis position. Minimize any excessive arch in your back and recruit your lower core muscles to point your tailbone down towards the ground. 

  1. Start by taking a knee

  2. Tuck your tailbone by using your lower core muscles and glutes to tilt the hips forward

  3. You should feel your quads engage

  4. Extend the supporting leg forward while keeping your tailbone tucked

  5. At this point, the stretch should migrate to your hip flexor

  6. Hold until the sensation dissipates and your muscles begin to relax

 Hip Flexor Stretch Progression 1


Get into a deep lunge position with your hands on the ground inside the foot to allow for greater range of motion. Lift your back knee and straighten your back leg without lifting or moving your hips.

Hip Flexor Stretch Progression 2


With one arm resting on the thigh, reach your arm of the side that is being stretched behind your head with the intention to open up the side body. Maintain a slight arch in the spine and bring the elbow up to the ceiling. Remember to keep your pelvis tucked. You should feel a stretch along the side of your body from your hip to your chest.

During these stretches you should feel a pulling sensation. If you feel any sharp pain, stop the stretch immediately.

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